Our mission

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We have high standards and take pride in all we do.

We provide assurance that:

  • Every audio and visual detail will be executed to perfection;
  • Every angle of your presentation will look and sound its very best;
  • Every opportunity for a technical problem is minimized to the point of non-existence through redundancy, maintenance and multiple rehearsals;
  • Every quote and invoice is transparent, specific to your request and detailed.

Audio Visual Dynamics makes staging major corporate events such as company-wide conferences, product launches or sales meetings stress-free with flawless audiovisual services backed by the expertise of our AV support team.

From the planning stages to the close of your event, we bring to bear vast experience and unparalleled technical and professional know-how to ensure that your biggest events come off without a hitch.

Make your event the best it can be. Jericho AVL delivers.

When you’re responsible for planning a major corporate event, conference or meeting, you need certainty that your presentation and its production values are going to bring your event to life.


Problem-Solving Competence

This step involves gathering all relevant information about the problem at hand. It includes identifying the root cause of the problem, understanding its scope, and examining any contributing factors. Thorough analysis lays the foundation for effective problem-solving.


Modern mobility represents progress only when its goal, its form and its requirements respect nature. Our work at Jericho AVL reflects a deep understanding of the responsibility we share for our society, for mankind and for the world’s achievements. We want to ensure that our world is one we can live in—now and in the future.

Customer Orientation

Our success can only be measured by that of our customers. True understanding of a customer and their needs, combined with experience and a global view, allows us to create innovative solutions. Expertly conceived, uniquely tailored and efficiently carried out – a shared success.

Flexible AV Services to Suit Every Venue

Whether you’re hosting a large event at a regional conference center or taking your meeting offsite to a novel location in support of a special theme, Jericho AVL will make it work.

Our fully-equipped modern AV technology and resources, combined with our creative staging design, highly flexible sets and scenery embellishments, can be depicted in advance via detailed 2D and 3D renderings so you can visualize your venue in great detail before the first hold-the-date message is sent.

In addition, our clients enjoy budget-extending pricing when using Jericho AVL-owned equipment. We use only the latest audio, video, lighting and networking technology, and we bring critical back-up equipment to every event without charge.  Through our relationship we also come to know your tendencies for adjustments on the fly and we bring extra equipment with us at no charge unless the gear gets deployed. This saves you the expense of having to procure expensive equipment from the venue for last minute changes and requests from your stakeholders.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.