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Audio Production

Jericho AVL specializes in providing comprehensive audio production solutions for corporate events, offering a range of services to ensure seamless sound experiences that captivate audiences and enhance event outcomes. Here’s a glimpse into what Jericho AVL brings to the table:

We are virtual and live event architects. All events, sales conferences, customer meetings, awards shows and product launches need to make an emotional connection to be successful. Let JerichoAVL be your guide to an impactful, memorable virtual, live or hybrid event.

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In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid

As with any project, the initial phase takes the combined effort of the client and the expert consultant as they develop the intricate nuances of the project. Once on board, we will be there for every phase of the project as a team member, not just a vendor.

Through the beginning developmental stages, we have experience dealing with all aspects of completing a project. From creating a conceptual design, engineering, meeting with internal teams to explain the process, information needed for funding, planning and permitting, construction management, training and final delivery, we are available for consulting on all levels.

Reaching Every Ear

  1. Audio System Design and Installation: Jericho AVL begins by assessing the unique needs and requirements of each corporate event. From intimate meetings to large-scale conferences, their team designs customized audio systems tailored to the venue layout, audience size, and event objectives. Whether it’s ensuring crystal-clear speech intelligibility or delivering immersive surround sound, Jericho AVL’s audio solutions are meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.
  2. State-of-the-Art Equipment Rental: With an extensive inventory of professional audio equipment, Jericho AVL offers a wide range of rental options to suit any event need. From microphones and speakers to mixers and amplifiers, they provide top-of-the-line audio gear from leading brands to ensure reliable and high-quality sound reproduction.
  3. Sound Reinforcement and Mixing: On the day of the event, Jericho AVL’s experienced audio engineers oversee the setup and operation of the audio system, ensuring optimal sound reinforcement throughout the venue. They utilize advanced mixing techniques to balance audio levels, EQ frequencies, and manage audio effects, creating an immersive sonic experience that enhances the overall event atmosphere.

Professional Engineers

  1. Live Sound Engineering: Jericho AVL’s team of skilled sound engineers are experts in managing live audio for corporate events of all sizes. Whether it’s a keynote presentation, panel discussion, or live performance, they work behind the scenes to ensure seamless sound execution, adjusting levels in real-time to adapt to changing dynamics and ensure clear and consistent audio delivery.
  2. Audio Recording and Post-Production: Beyond live sound reinforcement, Jericho AVL also offers audio recording services to capture key moments of corporate events for archival or promotional purposes. Their post-production team meticulously edits and enhances audio recordings to produce polished final deliverables, ensuring that the event’s message is preserved and amplified long after it concludes.

In summary, Jericho AVL’s expertise in audio production for corporate events encompasses everything from system design and equipment rental to live sound engineering and post-production services.

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering immersive and impactful audio experiences, Jericho AVL is the trusted partner for ensuring the success of any corporate event.


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